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Intelligent Tali.

Tali was born January 25th, I chose the name "Tali'zorah an luna" because it means "beautiful dew in the moonlight" but call her Tali for short. Out of all the dogs I have ever met, she has the most wonderful personality and most loving attitude.

I had spent over a year researching breeds before I realized a Siberian Husky was for me. Finding this breeder and wonderful dog was a godsend.

For being almost a year old she is extremely intelligent. She knows all the basics, in addition to some other fun tricks. She knows the difference between her left and right which comes in handy when cleaning her paws off from playing in the mud, and she loves to get her own ice cubes from the fridge on occasion. Naturally being a husky she picked up joring commands very quickly and has started pulling me on ski's and roller blades for exercise daily. She now weighs about 50lbs but still very lean and strong.

She also never leaves my side, loyal as can be, and she only really listens to me as well which is funny when family try to get her to do something and she looks to me first for approval. She is also extremely photogenic and loves to pose for pictures if I say "camera".

I plan on getting a few more huskies from this kennel in the future.
Ayrton Ingle
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