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Karnovanda Kennels is one of the world's premier breeders of Siberian huskies.

Since 1959

American Kennel Club Breeder of the Year

Judy Russell has been named 2022 American Kennel Club Breeder of the Year!

Please see this page on the AKC website for details.

We are very happy to report that Judy Russell of Karnovanda Kennels has been recognized as the Working Group honoree in America Kennel Club 2022 Breeder of the Year.

Please see this page on The Canine Chronicle for full details.

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The kennels were founded by Judy Russell in 1959, and have been run by Judy ever since.


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The kennels adopted the Karnovanda name in 1963; this name is formed from the names of four of the foundation dogs, Ch. Kim's Karen, UD (Kar), Ch. Eska's Nonie, UD (no), Ch. Karnovanda's Ivan Groznyi (van), and Ch. Karnovanda's Zenda, CD (da).

The Kennels

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Karnovanda Kennels is located about one hour's drive NW of Detroit, in rolling wooded land, on the edge of a lake.

The 30 acres of land give ample room for the farm buildings, the adult dogs in their spacious covered kennels, puppies indoors, and two large play yards.

  • I love him so very much and I am forever grateful to you for being such a wonderful breeder of these magnificent dogs!Sister Dennis, owner of Lucky.
  • Gus is the most beautiful, loving and sweet dog. He is also the smartest dog we have ever known. Everyone who meets Gus loves him instantly.Diana and Terry, Michigan, owners of Gus.
  • We stumbled upon Karnovada Kennels website and we are so happy we did!Angela and Nate Farley, owners of Mya.
  • We are so lucky to have these perfect pups. I cannot wait to get my own house so I can fill it up with a bunch of Karnovanda huskies. They really are the best.Allison Rash, owner of Riley and Mila.
  • Slate has been a great puppy! He is laid back, curious, smart and friendly...Even though he is still a little guy I couldn't be happier, he is a absolute joy!Melissa, owner of Slate.
  • We are SO grateful to Karnovanda for breeding such loving, beautiful, and smart dogs. Our Shanti and Niklas are a fantastic pair. They bring us joy every day. Thank you, Judy and Sarah!Robert and Janet, St. John, New Mexico, owners of Shanti and Niklas.
  • We love our dogs and can't imagine life without them.Denice and Dennis, owners of Kiska, Pudge, and Harley.
  • I will always have a husky in my life and I wouldn't go anywhere else to get them.Ashley, owner of Loki.
  • I'm so glad Judy and Sarah shared this puppy with me. He has brought me so much happiness, I want to give him a wonderful happy life too.Patti, owner of Inuk.
  • She is everything and more that you would hope for in a healthy husky pup.Joe and Bernadene, owners of Maizey.
  • We can't thank Judy and Sarah enough for their efforts at Karnovanda, and hope to get all of our future dogs from this wonderful establishment!Linda and Paul, owners of Iris and Drake.
  • Our three Huskies (Akela, Mishka, Shanti) have all come from Karnovanda, and they have been the most incredible dogs ...We are so confident in the care that Judy (and Sarah) put into Karnovanda’s breeding program that we will be getting our fourth Husky soon.Robert and Janet St. John, owners of Akela, Mishka, Shanti, and Niklas.
  • I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you do in breeding & loving these puppies!!Denise Kwalton, owner of Rex.
  • Thanks so much for breeding such a wonderful dog. Should the day come when I am ready for another husky, I will be coming to you.Sara Heydens, Essexville, Michigan, owner of Mantra.
  • Apollo is 10 years old and Orion is almost 2 years old. They are now inseparable best friends. They have brought so much love to me. Thanks again for the quality and care you put into Karnovanda Kennels.Lynne, from the Bay Area in California
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