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Dog's name: Akela
Sire: CH Karnovanda's Sevastian
Dam: Karnovanda's Galushka
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Akela was born on November 30, 1997. We picked him up in January and he became our “Super Bowl” pup because he was initiated into the Broncos fan club (Robert’s hometown team) at a Super Bowl party with all of our Chicago friends. He must of have been the lucky charm because the Broncos won!

Akela had the most agreeable, noble personality. He happily accepted his brother (four months younger) Mishka, welcomed a stray cat we took in when he was five, and playfully shared the last three years of his life with the red Husky girl (Shanti) that we brought home some months after Mishka passed.

Except for some lower back and neck issues (that acupuncture helped), Akela had a long and healthy life. He died just a month short of his 14th birthday. He and his brother Mishka had been on raw/cooked food diets from age 3 and despite developing cancer at the end of their lives, they showed virtually no signs until their last months. They both were acting normal and running around joyfully just 24 hours before they decided they were ready to check out.

Our three Huskies (Akela, Mishka, Shanti) have all come from Karnovanda, and they have been the most incredible dogs both because of their playful, social, wonderfully smart and stubborn natures and their strong constitutions. We are so confident in the care that Judy (and Sarah) put into Karnovanda’s breeding program that we will be getting our fourth Husky soon—a grey boy named Niklas.
Robert & Janet St. John
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Akela and Mishka at 2.

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Akela and Mishka at 5.

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Akela and Shanti.

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