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I received a puppy from you in December of 2019. I don't recall who her parents were. I named the puppy Selway after the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness in Montana where I am from.

A husky was a childhood dream. My fear was not being able to have them off a leash as I want to do my thing outdoors and be comfortable knowing my dog will be close doing hers. It has taken a lot of training, patience and several nights out with a flashlight but I am happy to report she has learned the ways! I can now comfortably take her into the woods or onto the river and squirrels, rabbits and deer will quickly get her attention but she will respond to my commands, with a terrible amount of reluctance.

She is maturing to be one of the most phenomenal dogs and has proven to be up to any adventure, social situation or task. I take her everywhere with me. We've crossed the country back and forth more times than I can count. She has been on more rivers and mountains than most people will see in their lifetime.

Through the pandemic I have worked from home, she is quiet and patient. She's never been a chewer or one to make noise. She has such a curious mind it's not hard for her to find a distraction without destruction. Her soul is truly kind, except for maybe smaller game...

She is excellent with children and I'm 100% comfortable with her engaging anybody or any other animal except of course... small game. Above all, this dog is so incredibly optimistic. You can tell from her body language that she is just happy to be a part of any situation. Her attitude and engagement make bad times manageable and good times exceptional. So thrilled with this dog.
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