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Dog's name: Mishka
Sire: CH Karnovanda's Sevastian
Dam: Karnovanda's Amelie
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Mishka was born March 4, 1998 and was a really big, tough wolf-like boy. He grew to be at least 65 lbs and liked to flaunt it to his somewhat smaller older brother Akela.

Mishka was the most affectionate dog we’ve ever had. He would cuddle up anywhere, anytime, and he would love being petted and petted, especially chest rubs. He thought he was a person and tried to occupy any piece of furniture he could.

Although our two Husky boys got in a few scraps, they adored each other and stayed nearby each other most of every day.

We always said that Mishka had two modes, “on” and “off.” He would run around crazily and be sound asleep the next minute. He lived is life like that and when he was done, he was done.

Like Akela, Mishka had virtually no health issues. He was especially fit in terms of having no joint/back/hip problems. He was nearly 11 when he died.
Robert & Janet St. John
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Akela & Mishka at 3 years.

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Akela & Mishka at 8 years.

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