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The amazing Rex...

My name is Denise Kwalton, my husband was Craig (a family physician) and our son Danny. We brought Rex home on Memorial Day in 1996. He was a beautiful grey, bi-eyed with a split...hence his name; Karnovanda's Rex Blue Chip!

We also boarded him with you a few times. He was absolutely awesome!!! He was a very, very lovable, vocal (he said "I love you mumma" as clear as any child) and true to us all.

When he was 9 years old, he blew his ACL in his right knee. Dr. Lott told us he could, very likely, blow out his other knee within 3 months, which he did! Rexy loved to run in the yard and bank around the trees! We had an electric fence put in & he did great with it!! After his surgeries, he continued to behave as though nothing had ever happened.

When he was 10 he was diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumor on his right shoulder blade. He was in so much pain & not able to put any weight on his right paw. He was a big boy...his healthy weight was 70 pounds. He lost about 10 pounds while Craig & I tried to decide what to do. We were referred to a Vet in Canton that specializes in amputations. I can't recall her name at the moment. She ensured us that Rex would recover nicely from the surgery. I was so scared!! Rexy was Craig's first dog & he was determined to do whatever he could to save him. So, we did the surgery. ($15,000.00 for the knee replacements and amputation!!) The cancer was more advanced than they had initially thought. Rex lost his right paw, shoulder blade and 2 ribs. When we picked him up he was wearing a teal colored bandage that said "ouch"!! He was amazing...he planted that left front paw in the center of his chest and never looked back!!

Just before Christmas of 2006, Craig was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor & passed away 10 months later. We all missed him terribly, but none of us as much as Rex. Craig passed away in October of 2007 & Rexy followed him in April of 2008, one day after his 12th birthday. He had developed extreme diabetes...he could not hold his bladder & had difficulty walking without falling down. Dr. Lott put him down for me after we had exhausted all of our options. Dr. Lott cried right along with me. Rex was the light of our lives.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you do in breeding & loving these puppies!! Rexy grew to be such a wonderful addition to our family! I miss both of my boys so much!! I am currently living in a condominium with my 4 cats (Rex loved the cats!!) they are great company, but can't compare with my Rexy Boy.

I was so glad to have found your web-site to share the grace and courage that Rex exhibited all through his trials & to thank you for enriching our lives so very much. He was such a sweet, sweet spirit!!
Denise Kwalton
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