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Riley and Mila

Dog's name: Karnovanda's All Riled Up (Riley)
Sire: Ch Karnovanda's Taliesin
Dam: Ch Karnovanda’s Desdimona
Dog's name: Karnovanda's Black Swan (Mila)
Sire: Karnovanda’s Victor Bearge
Dam: Karnovanda’s Sugar Bear
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This big guy is Karnovanda’s All Riled Up, or Riley. We got him in the summer of 2007. We can thank the movie Eight Below for inspiring us to get another husky. We had rescued several huskies before deciding we wanted a “New puppy”. It was pretty obvious from the beginning that he came from a long line of champion show dogs. I swear he knows what it means when people say “what a pretty dog”. He can’t stand to get his hair wet and loves getting handsome when we brush his neck and chest. My dad likes to call him the little “prima doggie” instead of prima donna. Riley is one of the goofiest dogs you will meet. He likes to randomly sprint into the living room just to see what we’re doing. He knows the sound of each of his favorite treats. We know this by how fast he runs up the stairs to see if we want to share. He runs the fastest for Cheezits. He spends the majority of his time looking for gophers when he goes to the park, or letting everyone pet him since he’s the best looking dog there, at least he thinks so. He’s also one of the biggest babies you will ever meet.

Riley doesn’t think he is a pet at all. He wants to be right next to the family at all times, probably to make sure he’s there to clean any food we drop. This spoiled boy has a whole room with a couch but it still isn’t good enough unless we’re with him. He really is just a big lover. Then there’s our baby Mila.\

We got Mila the summer of 2011. We had a dog pass away very suddenly so we contacted Judy and said we were most likely going to look for another puppy in the next few months and see if we could get on a waiting list. She let us know she actually had one little girl available. She told us that her sister was flying out to our airport and it would be cheaper for the two to fly together. We all think there is a reason we have Mila in our lives. It all happened so fast but we couldn’t be happier with the little fireball we got.

She’s very different from Riley. She’s a little peanut only weighing around 35 pounds where Riley is pushing 70. She likes to get dirty in the backyard hiding her bones where Riley just keeps his out so they stay clean. She likes to show her sassy side by talking back when she doesn’t agree with us, which is all the time. My parents really just adopted another daughter. Her favorite place in the house is our bottom step on our stair case. She just sits her little butt on it and puts her front paws on the tile. I have no idea how so found out she liked it but she is there all the time. She’s a weird little independent dog but she is very smart. She can sense when we have bruises or if we’re just having a bad day. My Grandma has had knee replacement surgeries and Mila sat there very calm next to her smelling her knees. And for this dog to just sit calmly, we knew she was doing it for a reason. When you look her in the eyes it really looks like she knows things that most dogs would never understand.

We are so lucky to have these perfect pups. I cannot wait to get my own house so I can fill it up with a bunch of Karnovanda huskies. They really are the best.
Allison Rash
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