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Dog's name: Lucky
Sire: Karnovanda's Duke Lothair
Dam: Karnovanda's Viktoriya
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Lucky is my fourth Siberian and second Karnovanda dog. My first Karnovanda dog was Kodi (Karnovanda's Kodiak Bear), the love of my life who lived to be 13 years and 2 months...3 years and 2 months longer than either of my first two Siberians. The night Kodi died, I sent an email to Judy to tell her what happened and to ask her to keep me in mind when she had a litter with a black and white male...eye color didn't matter because I had blue eyes, brown eyes and a bi-eyed...I just wanted another Karnovanda dog because Kodi had been healthy, loving and a joy for 13 years. When my first dog passed, it was 4 months before I found a litter for my second dog. When the second died, it was three months before Kodi's litter became available so I anticipated that I might have a wait before I got a puppy. Imagine my amazement and incredible excitement when Judy responded to my email the next morning saying she had a beautiful black and white male, who was weaned, eating well and ready to go.

There was much back and forth among my friends with suggestions for a name. Judy had sent a picture of the two black and white males but she couldn't tell me which one would end up being mine because a woman had put a deposit on a black and white male before the little was born and would have first choice. I am a high school math teacher and my subjects are Calculus and STATISTICS. So a long-time friend suggested that since I had a 50-50 chance of which of the males I would get...he should be "Karnovanda's Lucky Coin Toss"...Lucky.

He has been an unbelievable joy in my life since Friday, September 2, 2016 when I drove to the Michigan to pick up my new little boy. He is the most loving, smart and funny boy I have ever had the privilege of belonging to. On his first visit to our Veterinarian...her comment was "this is one very special dog...a real keeper!" She was absolutely right. He loves every person and dog he meets. Being the beautiful dog he is, his striking looks grab everyone's attention. I keep reminding him that "good looks only go so far" so we have spent a lot of time training and will continue to do so.

Lucky finished his CGC in January 2018 and is now known as "Karnovanda's Lucky Coin Toss, CGC". I am very proud of him. We worked very hard and the trainers at Day Care practiced the test items with him as well. This time he was the only dog in the class who passed.

I love him so very much and I am forever grateful to you for being such a wonderful breeder of these magnificent dogs!
Sister Dennis
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