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Karnovanda's Amalia (Molly)

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Molly snoozing.

Aged 6, Molly moved from Karnovanda Kennels all the way to England in the summer of 2010. The move was remarkably easy. Most people worry about things like quarantine, but with microchips, etc. she didn't have to endure quarantine over here. Instead she just had to have a rabies booster, 6 months before she immigrated, followed by a blood test to show that the vaccine had worked. The day before she was shipped she needed to see the vet for a once over and a flea/tick treatment. She flew over a day after we came back from a visit to Michigan (it was too hot for her to fly on the day we came back). We had to pay an agent at Heathrow airport to collect her and to get her processed (this was about 300), but we were able to pick her up within an hour or two of the flight landing. She was really happy to see us and, other than a little jetlag (yes dogs get this too), she was fine.

Molly made the adjustment from kennel-dog to housedog as if she had been waiting all her life to move indoors and to be a spoiled pet. There were a few small house-training incidents, but these were soon sorted out and mostly our fault. She loves her new life and enjoys morning walks around a local park, trips to the pub, snoozing in front of the Rayburn (our combined oven and central heating system, where it is always warm), playing chase in the evenings, Saturday mornings up on our bed, and trips to the Lake District and Snowdonia (so far) for holidays. Our friends, and people we meet whilst out walking, are amazed at how mild tempered she is. She is just so sweet and good-natured. She takes meeting up with other dogs in her stride and loves little children.

It was impossible to select just one or two photos to illustrate Molly's new life and as the website managers we've indulged ourselves by including quite a few. You'll see that she wears a harness for walking (she has two, an everyday lightweight version and a tougher Ruff harness for hiking; the latter has a handle on the top that is useful for lifting her over walls, etc.). I'd never recommend letting your Siberian Husky off the lead unless you are in a well fenced enclosed space, especially not a dog that grew up racing around a large yard off the lead like Molly. They just have too much of a free spirit and will run off or chase things and forget all about you. With a harness and a retractable lead, Molly gets the next best thing to being off lead and we don't have to worry about her running off and getting hit by a car or swept away in a river. You'll also see that she is obsessed by food (she is a dog), so her treats are often carrots, to keep her weight down. She also loves her bed; Molly's is from Danish Design by Susanne Mortenson.

I (Andrea) grew up at Karnovanda Kennels and have always loved Siberian Huskies, but having Molly with us has made me appreciate the breed, and my mother's dogs in particular, even more. We'd like to send a big thank you to my mother (Judy) and Sarah, who suggested that we have Molly. We love her so much. (Oh, Molly says thank you too!).
Andrea and Ian
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Low calorie snack.

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Molly wearing her Ruff harness in the Welsh Mountains.

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Molly hiking in Wales.

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